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Our Favorite Celebrity Super Fans

Our Favorite Celebrity Super Fans


Mark Walberg - Boston Celtics

Hailing from Massachusetts, Mark Wahlberg pledges loyalty to his home team, the Boston Celtics. Wahlberg has been an avid supporter of the team for many years. He is in courtside in almost every Celtics match. He also meddles with the team’s player recruitment affairs. Recently, the 48-year old Hollywood star was sighted courtside in the Boston - LA Lakers match on 23 February 2020. Mark came to the arena with his 11-year old kid Brendan, who wore a Nike shirt with the team’s color. Clearly passing on the tradition and creating another generation of a die-hard Celtics fan!



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Drake - Toronto Raptors

Rap superstar Drake took his fandom over the Toronto Raptors to the next level. Since 2013, Drake has been the global ambassador of the Raptors, making him an NBA executive.

Aside from Drake’s courtside presence during homecourt games, he incorporated his OVO brand into the Raptors’ jersey and jacket. He leveraged his massive influence as a music icon and social media influencer to land sponsorship offer and sell clothing merchandise. Undeniably, Drake boosts the Raptors’ popularity despite his unfriendly antics towards key players of rival NBA teams.

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Kevin Hart – Philadelphia 76ers

Hart was born and raised in Philadelphia, so he’s a Sixers fan to his core. Known for his quick-witted comedy, he’s been known to fire up opponents with a little trash talk. Hart’s relentless passion triggers the ire of Sixers fans at times and some say the game is better off without him. In one of the 2019 Eastern Conference playoff games, Sixers fans pleaded to Hart to keep away from courtside as his trash talk has a history of backfiring and motivating the recipient of his trash talk to play harder. Yet, the comedian stays committed to the Philly players as one the 76ers franchise owners.

To thicken the plot, Hart swears Drake cursed him and the Sixers by not paying a past debt. Courtside at a Raptors vs. Sixers game would be very entertaining, to say the least!



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Jack Nicholson- LA Lakers

No one could ever come close to Jack Nicholson as the top LA Lakers fan. The 82-year old has owned courtside seats since way back during the 1970s. He is known to attract attention during matches whenever he gets heated up with opposing teams. Over the years, Nicholson developed a deep friendship with the NBA hall of famer Kobe Bryant. His sudden death was too painful for him that he missed this year’s Lakers game with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Even after retirement from Hollywood, he remains an active courtside staple of the LA Lakers.

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