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The Last Dance - Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls Documentary is Released Early

The Last Dance - Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls Documentary is Released Early

ESPN releases broadcast schedule and stunning final trailer for the 10-part Michael Jordan documentary.

A report this week said that ESPN would release its 10-part Michael Jordan documentary series, The Last Dance, earlier than expected with NBA fans everywhere calling for the worldwide leader to show it while we are all stuck at home.  The network made it official “on April 19, 2020, we’re getting the first couple of parts and the rest will be rolled out over the coming weeks”.  ESPN has subsequently published a full schedule for the roll-out of each episode, from its premiere on Sunday, April 19, with multiple episodes dropping each Sunday thereafter for four weeks. As a teaser, the news initially came with one final trailer so we can all start counting the days until we get the 10 episodes of the 1990’s Chicago Bulls goodness.


We admit this couldn’t come at a better time. With the postponement of the NBA due to the coronavirus outbreak, basketball fans have been going a little stir crazy and craving some form of escapism into the sports world. The series should give us exactly what we need, with a look back at the dynasty left by the one and only Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. This will no doubt bring a spark of nostalgia and entertainment into our lives as we’ll get to see behind the scenes footage of the final championship of 1997-1998, where Michael Jordan played his last game for the Bulls before his short-lived retirement and then return to the Wizards.


ESPN released a statement on the release date change:

“As society navigates this time without live sports, viewers are still looking to the sports world to escape and enjoy a collective experience.  We’ve heard the calls from the fans asking us to move up the release date for this series, and we’re happy to announce that we’ve been able to accelerate the production schedule to do just that.  This project celebrates on of the greatest players and dynasties ever, and we hope it can serve as a unifying entertainment experience to fill the role that sports often play in our lives, telling a story that will captivate everyone, not just sports fans.”